Ukraine increases poultry meat exports

14-10-2011 | | |

For the period from January to August of this year, the total volume of exports of poultry meat from Ukraine increased one and a half times to 35.1 thousand tonnes.

This nearly equals the volume of imports, which fell during this period by 70% and amounted to 37.1 thousand tonnes. The rate of increase in export supplies is due to the significant increase in export prices – almost 20% compared with the level of the last year – experts noted.

However, this number is much smaller than was originally predicted. According to the preliminary estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture that were announced at the beginning of the year, for the first seven months of 2011 imports should reach about 45 thousand tonnes, while total exports level by the end of the year should be about 70 thousand tonnes, which is almost two times higher than the level of 2010.

According to official statistics, numbers of poultry in Ukraine compared to the same period of 2010 increased by 12%.According to preliminary estimates, by the end of the year the total number of poultry livestock in Ukraine will be about 210 million heads, while in early 2010, it was estimated at 181 million heads.

Domestic consumption will also increase this year. According to experts in 2011 it will be about 25.4 kg/person per year, while in 2010 it was amounted to 24.2 kg/person per year.