Ukraine slightly increases egg production

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Ukraine slightly increases egg production

Egg production in Ukraine increased by 1.2% to 1 780.0 million pieces in July compared with the level of June, the country’s State Statistics Service, Gosstat, has reported.


The production level in individual farms however, decreased by 12.8% to 762.3 million pieces, while in state farms and other farms it increased by 15% to 1 017.7 million pieces. Compared with July 2011 production of eggs in July 2012 increased by 5.5% or by 93.5 million.

In January-July 2012 compared with January-July 2011 egg production increased by 1.3%, or by 145.2 million to 11,470 million pieces.

The record increase in egg production for the first half of the current year show that in the Khmelnitsky region the volume of output grew by 83.9% compared to the level of the previous year. The worst results show the Odessa region where the volume of output fall by 18.7% report Gosstat.

The number of poultry in Ukraine has also begun to rise in 2012 after a significant decline in late 2011. As a result the number of poultry in Ukraine has actively grown for the last five months and as of July 1, 2012 it exceeded last year’s figure by 4% and was at a record high of about 246.986 million heads.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent
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