Ukraine starts exports of poultry meat to Moldova and China

15-09-2011 | | |

The Ukrainian State Inspection of Veterinary Medicine has given authorisation to APK-Invest to export meat products to Moldova and China.

It is the first company to succeed in receiving this permission. The first shipment of poultry meat and some other meat products will be dispatched in the near future said representatives of the company.

To date about ten major Ukrainian agricultural organisations have filed applications for the right to export their production and it is likely that this list will expand in the near future. Nowadays APK-Invest also are considering the possibility of starting export supplies to Mongolia and Vietnam.

Today the production of poultry is the most rapid developing area of the country’s agriculture, and under such conditions the largest market players tend to not only sell their own products on the domestic market but also to export it abroad. Perhaps that is the reason why in the first five months in Ukraine exports of poultry meat increased by four times and was estimated at 13.5 thousand tonnes.

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