Ukrainian ban on French poultry overturned

27-07-2011 | | |

State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine has announced that French poultry producers will soon be able to renew poultry product and raw material supplies to the country.

The State Veterinary Service is revoking the ban on the import of such products from France which was implemented due to an outbreak of Newcastle disease in the country earlier this year. This ban has been overturned following a statement of the International Office of Epizootics that Newcastle disease is no longer detected in France.

“Imports of other goods from the country, controlled by the State Veterinary Service, will be carried out in accordance with veterinary requirements concerning import to Ukraine of some objects of public veterinary and sanitary control and supervision”, – reported  the State Veterinary Service.

It is planned that supplies of French poultry to Ukraine will be resumed in the near future.