Ukrainian poultry farmers switch to innovation technologies

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Ukrainian poultry farmers switch to innovation technologies

Ukrainian poultry houses, which specialise in growing broilers have started introducing cage housing into their production process.

Until recently, Ukrainian poultry farmers had been growing poultry on the floor. Dneprovsky poultry farm started the new positive tendency of switching to the cage growing of broilers. Dneprovsky is an enterprise of a large agricultural holding, which produces popular products for the domestic market including ‘Dneprovskie Kurchata’.

In 2011 Dneprovsky poultry farm together with TEXHA Production Association did the reconstruction of the first poultry house. During the reconstruction they replaced floor type growing with cages. They installed seven three-tiers cage batteries for broilers growing with automatic poultry move-out produced by the TEXHA company. The equipment enables placing almost 2.5 times more poultry and correspondently – get more meat*.

The cage equipment has a polypropylene manure removing belt installed. The belt contributes into good microclimate in the poultry house. With cage housing the poultry growing expenses (heating system in the poultry house, labor expenses, no necessity of expensive litter material, feeding processes automation, microclimate maintenance, poultry move out, etc.) significantly reduce.

Installation of the cage equipment for broilers growing at Dneprovsky poultry farm is the first step in Ukrainian poultry farmers switching from floor type of broilers growing to cages. It will contribute into production volume enlarging without investing in the capital building construction, and also into improving of economical characteristics in the field generally.

*The cage equipment of TEXHA PA may house up to 60 225 daily broilers with 40.5 birds per square meter of the poultry house density. By using of the floor type of broilers raising only 25 thousand birds with the 17.5 broilers per square meter of the poultry house density may be placed in the same poultry house. Considering the full poultry house utilisation you may get up to 100 kg of poultry meat from 1 square meter in the 3 tiers cage equipment per one growing circle. By using the 4 tiers equipment the number increases for 25%.

Source: Texha

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