Update: Salmonella outbreak forces second recall of shell eggs

24-08-2010 | | |

Following the recall by Wright County Egg of shelled eggs due to potential contamination with Salmonella, a second company, Hillandale Farms, is calling more than 170 million shelled eggs. The two cases are believed to be related.

Hillandale Farms of Iowa is recalling shell eggs as they may be contaminated with Salmonella. Laboratory tests have confirmed infection with Salmonella enteritidis.
A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spokesperson said the two recalls are related; according to a Hillandale Farms spokesman the farms share a number of common suppliers.
According to a CNN report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 1,953 cases of Salmonella enteritidis were recorded from May 1 to July 31. A normal number of cases in that time period would be closer to 700, said Dr. Christopher Braden, acting director of the CDC’s division of food-borne, waterborne and environmental diseases. So far, about 1,000 of those cases have been linked to the recalled eggs, and that number is expected to continue growing. 
Eggs affected by this recall were packaged under the following brand names: 
  • Hillandale Farms
  • Sunny Farms
  • Sunny Meadow.
Loose eggs are packaged under the Wholesome Farms and West Creek brand names in 15 and 30-dozen tray packs. The loose eggs may have been repackaged by customers.
To identify if you have recalled eggs, look for the plant number code and Julian date stamped on the end of the egg carton or printed on the case label.
The only eggs effected by this recall have plant numbers P1860 or P1663 and Julian dates as follows:
  • P1860 – Julian dates ranging from 099 to 230
  • P1663 – Julian dates ranging from 137 to 230

Wright County Egg Recall