US Advanced Poultry Lighting Demonstration a success

18-05-2012 | | |
US Advanced Poultry Lighting Demonstration a success

The Advanced Poultry Lighting Demonstratration conserves 17,000 MWh and saves growers US$1.5 million dollars annually.


Over 3 years ago a farm efficiency project between the University of Arkansas, Next Gen Illumination and Ozarks Electric Cooperative; all located in Fayetteville, Arkansas; concluded this week when the Arkansas Energy Office published the final energy savings from the Advanced Poultry Lighting Demonstration.

The Arkansas LED poultry lighting project is one of the single largest LED projects in the United States to date. This ARRA funded State Energy Project provided a 50 percent rebate on Poultry LED bulbs proven during field trials. Growers took advantage of the rebate, which totaled 1.2 million dollars, to purchase over 64,000 bulbs which will result in energy savings of nearly 18,000 MWh and US$1,533,000.00  in energy cost reduction per annum. The rebate was available to growers who were installing the lamps in Arkansas.

NextGen Illumination representative, Jerry McCormick, stated that “the success of the program was validation of our efforts over the past four years in building a program to benefit the growers and demonstrate that our bulb excels in the poultry house environment while giving the growers a significant advantage economically. The program was a great introduction to many of the state’s growers of this technology and has helped establish NextGen as an advocate of the farmer and the market leader across this industry.”

NextGen Illumination, Inc. is located in Northwest Arkansas which is the center of the state and region’s poultry industry and home to Tyson Foods, George’s and Simmons.

Source: NextGen Illumination