US egg farmers launch new national advertising campaign

19-01-2011 | | |
US egg farmers launch new national advertising campaign

America’s egg farmers are introducing “You Do Everything,” a new national advertising campaign for the incredible edible egg.

“Eggs are often a part of weekend breakfasts, but there is an opportunity to make eggs a bigger part of Americans’ weekday breakfast routines,” says Kevin Burkum, senior vice president of marketing for the American Egg Board, a nonprofit marketing organisation funded by America’s egg farmers.

“This new advertising builds on a universal truth that parents will do whatever it takes to help their child succeed in school, sports and beyond. We want to remind parents that success starts with an all-natural, high-quality protein breakfast, like eggs, to give kids the energy they need to perform their best throughout the day.”

Created by Grey New York, the ads take a humorous look at what parents will do to help their children succeed. In one of the 15-second television commercials, a father dons a wig and plays the role of a princess while helping his young son rehearse lines for the school play. In another commercial, a dad uses a $20 bill to quiz his daughter about fractions. In response to his question about half of 20, she rips the bill in half to reveal the correct answer.

The ads will begin appearing in a variety of television and online media outlets in America this week, including Good Morning America, Rachael Ray Show, and the Food Network.

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