US: EPA to formally consider some RFS Petitions

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US: EPA to formally consider some RFS Petitions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US has announced it will officially consider the petitions by the governors of Arkansas and North Carolina for a waiver of the Renewable Fuels Standard.

EPA indicated it would issue a Federal Register notice opening a 30-day comment period on the waiver petition.

The agency indicated it would adhere to the 90-day timeline in deciding whether to grant the waiver request. The EPA statement went to great lengths to make it clear that opening a comment period does not provide any indication that a waiver will be granted. In 2008, the EPA took comments on a Texas waiver petition that the agency ultimately denied.

Earlier this month a bipartisan group of 156 members of Congress urged the EPA to act immediately to reduce the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) mandate to account for the severe anticipated corn shortage which is having a knock-on effect on the country’s poultry industry.

The National Turkey Federation (NTF) has announced it will provide comments during the 90-day period, and also will provide members with the information they need to fully participate in the comment process.

Source: The National Turkey Federation

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