US: ERS forecasts production increases in poultry and eggs

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US: ERS forecasts production increases in poultry and eggs

According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) in its ‘Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook’ report, the broiler, turkey and egg segments will all undergo production increases for 2008.

US turkey production was up 4.9% in the third quarter of 2007 from the same period a year previously.

“This increase in production can be attributed to a higher number of birds slaughtered – up 3.2% and an increase in average liveweight at slaughter to 27.9 pounds,” the ERS noted.

For 2008, slight increases in production are projected – turkey meat production is forecast at 5.94b pounds due to a build up of turkey stocks in the last two quarters of 2007.

Broiler meat production is expected to increase 3.7% from the same period in 2006 in the final quarter of 2007 to 9.125b pounds. Factors leading to this increase are a higher number of birds being slaughtered and an increase in liveweight – such as in the case of turkeys.

Broiler production is set to increase in 2008 with domestic per capita consumption at 86.8 pounds.

At the end of this year, wholesale egg prices are forecasted to average between US$1.18 and US$1.22 per dozen – representing about US$0.30 cents per dozen higher than in the last quarter of 2006.

Egg prices for 2008 are expected to average between US$0.90 and US$0.96 per dozen. Downward pressure is predicated on prices due to expanding production and lower exports.

Broiler shipments in the first three quarters of this year totalled 4.181b pounds. In the same timeframe during 2006, they amounted to a mere 3.801b pounds.

The rise is attributed to larger shipments to Russia, China, Angola and the Caribbean.

For turkey exports, Mexico remains the key market. Exports amounted to a total of 25m pounds for September – which signals a decrease of 4% from a year previously. Factors contributing to this decrease are higher prices for exports.

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