US legislation to exonerate poultry litter

26-03-2007 | | |

Legislation has been introduced in the US Congress which would clarify animal agriculture operations’ responsibilities under two environmental laws.

These laws were originally intended to address hazardous and toxic industrial chemical spills, but the action has the support of poultry and meat industries. The National Chicken Council notes that the legislation will clarify that chicken litter and other types of animal manure are not hazardous waste under federal law.
Steve Pretanik, NCC director of science and technology said, “Poultry litter is a natural product that is commonly used as fertilizer for row crops. Animal agriculture emissions were never intended to be covered by environmental laws meant for industrial factories.”
Additionally National Turkey Federation President, Joel Brandenberger added, “Some courts are misinterpreting Congress’ original intent, and this bill makes it clear that these laws do not apply to animal agriculture.”
American Meat Institute President J. Patrick Boyle stated: “Through a gross distortion of [these laws], special interests are placing America’s farmers and ranchers in the bullseye by trying to lump their operations in with the 1,300 toxic waste sites throughout the country.”
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