US officials row over poultry pollution

17-10-2006 | | |

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson are involved in a political row over pollution levels in Oklahoma’s rivers.

Huckabee says Edmonson is demonising the poultry industry and setting unrealistic goals for reduced pollution levels in Oklahoma’s rivers.
“Unfortunately, your attorney general is not interested in resolving the situation. He’s more interested in headlines,” Huckabee said. “It’s a great political platform for him.”
Edmondson is suing Arkansas poultry companies, contending their chicken litter is fouling Oklahoma waterways.
Huckabee said that the standard Edmondson has proposed to reduce phosphorous levels in Oklahoma’s six scenic rivers “has no scientific basis of possibility” and has an “unachievable timetable”.
But in a statement released from his office, Edmondson called Huckabee “a poultry company apologist”.
“He should be ashamed of the poor job Arkansas has done in regulating the poultry industry. It is clear they run his state,” Edmondson said in the statement. “Just like me, most Oklahomans care more about clean water than anything Governor Huckabee has to say.”

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