US poultry industry concerned about injury regulations

14-03-2014 | | |
US poultry industry concerned about injury regulations
US poultry industry concerned about injury regulations

The National Chicken Council, National Turkey Federation and the US Poultry & Egg Association have written to the Department of Labor regarding the OSHA proposed regulation, Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses, respectfully suggesting that the rule is misguided and that it should be withdrawn.

“We believe the existing record keeping system is sufficient to allow employers to identify and address risks in their work environments,” the groups wrote in the letter. “In addition, we are very concerned that the proposed rule improperly and in a negative way changes the traditional no fault record keeping system. This change will force employers to commit energy and resources toward lagging indicators, as opposed to more effective leading indicators.”

The groups also said the proposed rule will have the effect of limiting the amount of useful information currently included in record keeping forms, out of concern that the information will be made public.

“We also question why OSHA did not make Federal agency injury and illness information public in a similar rulemaking completed just a few months ago,” the letter continued. “Finally, our members have significant privacy concerns with making the information public and also believe that OSHA has significantly understated the costs of the rule.”