US state votes against bigger chicken cages

28-03-2007 | | |
US state votes against bigger chicken cages

A move to guarantee egg-laying hens cages big enough to allow them to spread their wings died in the New Hampshire House this week.

Supporters have voiced their opinion saying that chickens should not be kept in cages that limit their movement and that don’t allow birds to spread their wings. According to the critics, however, the production methods are scientifically accepted and necessary to manage the health and vitality of the flock.
The House killed one bill that would have banned the practice in New Hampshire; although supporters acknowledged there was no evidence of abuse in the state. The ban also would have applied to domesticated turkey, duck, goose and guinea used to produce eggs.
Representatives also killed a second bill that would have required the state to buy its eggs from farmers who don’t confine their hens in the small cages. Supporters said that it would help New Hampshire’s egg-producers.

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