US: talks to re-launch popular W-36 hen variety

14-11-2007 | | |

Hy-Line International, the US-based company involved in layer hen breeding, has initiated talks with several Indian companies to re-launch the W-36 or the White Leghorn W-36 strain hen.

John A. Greaves, president and CEO who attended the international poultry exhibition in India, said that the W-36 hen variety was being offered in India through the Hyderabad-based Systemic Hatcheries. Seeing a huge potential in India, the company had begun talks with some key players to re-launch the brand.
He claimed that W-36, which is popular for its efficient egg laying abilities, had a market share of 70% in the US layer market and 30% globally. The layers give a high output, while consuming minimum feed.
Greaves stated that the country had huge potential regarding poultry products consumption. “The per capita egg consumption in India is at 40. Compared with this, consumption levels in Mexico, China and Japan are beyond 300. If India ate half of this, it would require 400 million more layers — more than the entire US production,” he said.
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