USDA: enough authority to do recalls

09-11-2007 | | |

According to the USDA, the Department does not need additional authority to conduct meat recalls and would oppose any move to make the removal of such items from the market mandatory.

A string of recalls in the US over recent months has prompted the USDA to expand testing and recall infected meat more rapidly in order to combat the pathogen.
The USDA regulates approx. 20% of the food supply, covering eggs, meat and poultry. The FDA covers the rest.
US Agriculture Undersecretary Richard Raymond believes that the job they are doing regarding recalls is being done well. “I believe we have all the legal authority we need to do our job,” he added.
Today, the industry initiates recalls voluntarily and, according to Raymond, the current process works. He also stated that any move by lawmakers to make recalls mandatory was unnecessary.
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