Val-co boosts biosecurity facilities at poultry locations

16-03-2012 | | |

Val-Co, a global manufacturer of high-quality systems for commercial poultry, pig and egg production, has introduced dedicated biosecurity facilities at its North American locations and new best biosecurity practices as part of effort to reduce risk of livestock and poultry disease.

The biosecurity facilities are designed to serve as secure areas where potentially contaminated Val-Co products, parts and packaging, returned from the field, can be properly disinfected prior to further processing. The facilities will handle all VAL-CO poultry and swine products.

In developing their biosecurity best practices guidelines, Val-Co seeks to address the challenge posed by costly and disruptive outbreaks of such diseases as avian influenza, Exotic Newcastle Disease (END), Foot and Mouth Disease, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and many more. The challenge is magnified by the fact that even very small lapses in biosecurity can open a pathway for infections and disease that can cost the industry billions of dollars.

“Biosecurity is built into our corporate culture,” said VAL-CO Product Manager Sean Francey. “That’s why we’re able to provide the resources and initiative to promote good biosecurity practices across the board, for all of our products and markets.”

Dr. Guillermo Zavala, Associate Professor at the University of Georgia’s Poultry Diagnostic Research Center, said, “While government biosecurity regulations are important, the best path to true biosecurity involves producers and industry suppliers doing everything possible to minimise the risks of spreading infectious disease via people, animals or equipment. I’m extremely happy to learn that an equipment manufacturer like VAL-CO is taking a leading role in promoting biosecurity awareness and procedures both within their organisation and throughout the industry.”

Source: Val-Co