Val-Co introduces improved feeder and house controller at IPE

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Val-Co introduces improved feeder and house controller at IPE

The new features on the Fuze ProLine poultry feeder of Val-Co improve ease of installation and use, while decreasing maintenance and improving overall system performance and reliability. The new Horizon controller ensures an optimal climate in the poultry house.

Val-Co, a manufacturer of high-quality systems for commercial poultry and pig production, will reveal three new additions to its Fuze ProLine feeding system at the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta.
The three new features are designed to help owners save costs and maintenance time while generating efficient feed flow and improving overall system performance and reliability.
New hinge
The Fuze feeder now features a sturdy new pan-to-grill hinge and lock, securely locking the feed pan to the feeder’s “bird-friendly” ergonomic grill. The hinge provides easy access to the pan for faster and simpler cleaning and sanitizing between flocks, which can aid in improving overall flock health and performance.
Val-Co has also added a new mechanical switch control pan. This feature will help improve control pan performance and make maintenance and servicing of the system easier.
Lit end pan
Finally, the new Fuze feeder includes a bird-attracting LED light for the end control pan as a standard feature.
Research and best practice has shown that the light attracts birds to the control pan at feeding time, helping to ensure that the feed line remains in a constant fully charged state. The result is consistent and efficient feed flow throughout the system.
“We look at these upgrades as a case of the best getting better, as the Fuze has been shown to increase feed conversion performance and outshine its competition,” said Val-Co Product Manager Michael Kohls.
“This feeder already offers multiple options allowing users to build the feeding system they really need. Now, they’ll get even better performance in a very cost-effective system.”
The new version of the feeder will be sold at the same price as the existing Fuze ProLine Feeder.
Whole house controller
The new Val-Co Horizon whole house controller provides maximum control and efficiency in poultry production.
The controller utilizes proprietary logic programs to provide fully automated, 24-hour control of key parameters in the poultry house environment, optimizing temperature, humidity and ventilation, while controlling feed and water delivery.
Horizon features a large (17” – 43 cm), intuitive touchscreen interface, making all important house controls readily available and easy to access.
Simple, straightforward software guides users in initial application setup and programming. The logic program for automated control can be overridden either at the touchscreen or manually at any time, and the results of all inputs are visually represented on-screen immediately.
The system reduces heating and cooling costs by maximizing energy efficiency and optimizing the use of heaters or fans over multiple zones.
With use of Val-Co’s patented Innovative Control Logic, the system automatically adjusts minimum ventilation to ideal conditions, taking many factors into account, including outside temperatures and humidity. Wear levelling, to balance tunnel fan motor wear, is also an available and practical option.
Peace of mind
Remote access via the Internet gives users a means of monitoring their house environments anytime, anywhere – a key feature that helps to deliver peace-of-mind.
Additionally, the Horizon automatic remote monitoring system features dual alarm relays that reduce the risk of nuisance alarms. Scheduled reminders also provide notice whenever regular maintenance should be performed.

Dick Ziggers Editor: AllAboutFeed / Blog: Poultry Industry
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