Vencomatic updates Grando broiler breeder nest

15-05-2012 | | |

The Grando nest of Vencomatic has been designed to fit the needs of broiler breeders. An updated version of this nest is now available.

The physique of broiler breeders has changed over the years. They have become bigger and heavier. For this reason, Vencomatic has further improved the Grando nest by applying new and more durable materials. Together with smart improvements in the construction, the Grando nest is now a more robust nest, which is easier accessible for maintenance and cleaning. Good egg quality is realised through minimal contact and gentle egg transfer.

For many poultry managers, good nest acceptance and a minimum number of floor eggs motivates their choice of a nest. Vencomatic designed the Grando nest to fit the changing circumstances. Today, two years after its introduction, over 3 million broiler breeders are now housed on the Grando nest in 37 countries all over the world.

A major advantage of the Grando is the hens’ nest acceptance and thus a minimum number of floor eggs, due to the design and volume of the nest. The movable floor with Vencomat ensures a clean nest which results in clean and hygienic eggs.

Source: Vencomatic