Vietnam focused on developing poultry industry

16-11-2007 | | |

Vietnamese poultry breeders recently gathered in Ho Chi Minh City to discuss the sustainable development of the nation’s poultry industry.

According to a local newspaper, Vietnam News, it is expected that the country will zone off concentrated breeding areas and apply advanced technologies in the breeding sector for the sustainable development of the poultry industry.
According to Vietnam Poultry Breeders’ Association president Tran Cong Xuan, there are 2,837 poultry farms in the country producing approx. 400,000 tonnes of fowl meat and 4-5 billion eggs per year.
Up to 70% of farms in the country’s poultry sector are run by households where the application of new technologies and veterinary standards are not given adequate attention. To help remedy such limitations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Husbandry Department suggested that poultry breeding and concentrated breeding areas be zoned off. The Ministry also recommended that farm-applied breeding methods be strictly adopted.

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