Vostermans Ventilation present new concepts at Eurotier

05-12-2012 | | |
Intelligent fan drive
Intelligent fan drive

During the Eurotier 2012 held in November in Hanover, Germany, Vostermans Ventilation launched a new concept: the Multifan EnergyLine.

The market and regulations continue to impose higher demands on the effects of energy saving of i.a. fans.  For decades the company has been developing energy saving fans in its own R&D Factory.

Recently, fan efficiency within the Multifan EnergyLine concept has been improved where possible:

  • Further optimisation of the motor-impeller combination
  • Adjustments of the fan periphery
  • Introduction of the Intelligent Fan Drive, an innovative and intelligent fan controller

Through these solutions Vostermans Ventilation offers a complete range of energy saving fans, which of course meets the new European legislation ErP Directive (EU Commission Regulation 327/2011).

Also at EuroTier 2012, Vostermans Ventilation presented the Intelligent Fan Drive which offers the possibility for energy efficient control speed control of three-phase fans. The control is based on a 0-10V input signal and an advanced frequency control.

The fan speed can be controlled accurately according to user requirements. The specially developed and patented software gives the opportunity to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency, by using the factual and actual motor data. Especially at minimum ventilation the intelligent control stands out entirely.

The lower temperature in the motor results into a longer lifetime, the sturdy IP67 housing offers an optimal protection in an aggressive environment.

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