WDDGS in turkey hen diets for growth and water intake

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WDDGS in turkey hen diets for growth and water intake
WDDGS in turkey hen diets for growth and water intake

It is becoming increasingly common to use higher levels of wheat distillers dried grains with solubles (WDDGS) in poultry diets.

The objective of a trial at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada was to determine the effect of the level of inclusion of WDDGS with or without enzyme supplementation on performance and rate of water intake on turkey hens (0–72 days).

Two diets (0 or 30% WDDGS) were formulated to meet the nutrient requirement of the Hybrid Converter turkey. Diets were then mixed to obtain different levels of inclusion of 0, 15 or 30% WDDGS. The 30% diet was divided into 3 fractions and 2 fractions supplemented with either protease (P+; 0.126g/kg) or β-mannase (M+; 0.05g/kg). All diets were fed ad libitum as mash. All 700 day old turkey hens were randomly allocated into groups of 35 birds per replicate with four replicate floor pens per treatment.

Water intake per pen was recorded beginning at seven days. There was no effect of dietary treatment on feed intake. Body weight of turkey hens (28–52 days) was significantly higher for 30% P+ as compared with 0 or 15% diets; but was not different than 30% or 30% M+ diets. Feed:gain (28–52 days), and total feed:gain ratio (0–72 days) was significantly improved for birds fed 30% regardless of enzyme treatment compared with 0% and 15% levels. Water intake tended to be higher between seven and 28 days for 30% P+ diets.

Similarly, water intake of birds fed 30% P+ was higher (28–52 days) and total water intake (7–72 days) tended to be higher than other treatments. Similarly water:gain ratio (52–72 days) was higher for 30% P+. The results of this experiment suggest that as high as 30% WDDGS can be substituted in turkey hen diets. No impact of protease or β-mannase was found on performance of turkey hens fed 30% WDDGS.

Source: E.Y. Opoku, H.L. Classen, R.A. Agivale, and T.A. Scott, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Abstracts of the 102nd Annual Poultry Science Association Meeting, July 2013, San Diego, California, USA