Weeden Environments celebrates 15 years

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From its inception in 1994 Weeden Environments has evolved into a global company, recognised for its innovative products in the poultry industry. The company now celebrates its 15th year in business.

Weeden Environments is well known for their Weeden Sprinkler System that keeps birds alive during periods of extreme heat. When the Weeden Sprinkler system is activated, the water droplets hit the birds causing them to stand up and release captured heat underneath.

This system was initially sold for dust control and cooling, but the added benefits were discovered when the birds stand up and walk over to the water and feed lines after being hit with water droplets, says the company.

Founded as Weeden Sprinkler Systems by Len Weeden after he retired from Hybrid Turkeys, the company was taken over by his son Kevin in 2003.  Kevin re-branded the company as Weeden Environments and continues to add innovative product lines to reduce animal stress, maximize flock yields and improve operational efficiencies.

“As Weeden Environments looks forward to continued success in the future, we are thrilled to be able to celebrate 15 years,” said Kevin Weeden.

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