Weltec builds plant in France contract signed at Eurotier

04-12-2012 | | |
Weltec builds plant in France contract signed at Eurotier

Weltec Biopower have signed a contract with a French based project developer Methaneo to build a a plant in western France , which will use chicken maure to produce electricity to feed the French grid.

For Weltec Biopower, the participation at the BioEnergy Decentral part of the EuroTier proved very successful. Weltec were able to use Eurotier as a platform for signing a contract for the establlishment of the 500 – kW plant in Saint-Verant, France.


Construction work will begin in January 2013, and the plant is to go live and starting feeding electricity into the French grid as early as July 2013. The 4,900 m³ stainless-steel fermenter is to be filled with an agricultural substrate mix consisting of cattle manure, sheep manure, chicken manure and grain residue.


Jens Albartus, CEO of Weltec Biopower, believes that the co-operation with Methaneo has great potential for the future: „The investment mood in France is positive in our segment. In 2012, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency for the development of regenerative energies (ADEME) received twice as many project enquiries than in the prior year, and counting.“