Who’s banning whom?

22-02-2007 | | |

Recent outbreaks of the H5N1 strain of bird flu has lead to a constantly changing list of which countries are banning poultry imports from others.

Of course, the “bann-er” today could be the “bann-ee” tomorrow. How much of this is really for safety and how much of it is political? WHO knows?

Read quickly, the list may change before you reach the end!


Banning British imports:China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Manila, The Philippines, Russia, South Korea, South Africa

Banning Hungarian imports:Croatia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine

Banning Japanese imports: The Philippines

Banning South Korean imports:The Philippines

Banning Russian imports: Azerbaijan, Moldova, The Ukraine

Banning Thai imports:European Union

Banning imports from everywhere: Tanzania


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