World Egg Day – Protein for Life

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Photo: Kastermans Studio
Photo: Kastermans Studio

Promoting eggs as a source of the highest quality protein is the key focus for World Egg Day, which takes place this Friday (12 October).

Organised annually by the World Egg Organisation, the objectives of this year’s campaign is to talk about eggs as a valuable source of protein for every life stage.

Julian Madeley, WEO chief executive, said: “On World Egg Day, we want to generate targeted messages highlighting specific benefits for key consumer groups – from before birth, during the early years, adulthood and into later life.

“However, young or old you are eggs can have a significant impact as a valuable source of essential protein. By working together collectively, through a range of communication channels, dedicated events and particularly through social media networks, we aim to reach an even greater audience this year.”

The WEO said eggs were beneficial across key life stages:


  • Before Birth – Proteins are the building blocks of life and it’s never too soon to benefit from the positive power of eggs. Full of essential nutrients, eggs contribute to a healthy foetal development.
  • Child’s Play – A high quality source of protein is vital. Every cell in the human body contains protein which is needed in diets to generate new cells. Eggs provide a complete food solution that supports healthy brain development in young children and improves concentration levels at school.
  • Working hard – Into adulthood, eggs remain an essential dietary partner. Not only do eggs build protein and repair tissue, they are also an essential for making enzymes and hormones. Having an egg rich diet can also help you stay feeling fuller for longer and be an important ally in effective weight management.
  • Healthier for longer – Essential for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and bone, Egg protein helps to repair body tissue as we grow older. During later years, eggs continue to deliver substantial benefits and older people can significantly improve their health by increasing egg consumption.


Eggs also have the potential to eliminate global hunger and the International Egg Foundation continues to deliver life-changing projects in some of the most impoverished regions of the globe.

Since it’s inception 23 years ago, more and more nations have been taking part in World Egg Day. Last year, more than 40 countries participated, engaging with a global audience of over 230 million.

One company taking part this year are DSM, who have created a video, game, educational material and infographics around World Egg Day.

Tony Mcdougal Freelance Journalist