World Egg Day set to be a cracker…

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Photo: Treena Hein
Photo: Treena Hein

Celebrations to help inspire, educate and inform consumers about the goodness of eggs are due to kick off on Friday as World Egg Day 2017 swings into action.

This year will see a range of international events and campaigns to promote the contribution that eggs make to fulfil the nutritional requirements of the global community.

Far East

A number of educational activities are being organised in Indonesia along with egg donations to schools and other communities, while Vietnam is hosting a range of fun-filled children’s events as part of the Tay Ho weekend market in Hanoi.

Bangladesh is planning a “Feel the Egg” human chain, distributing boiled eggs down the chain and the country’s Department of Livestock Services and the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Committee have organised a programme to sell eggs at cost price to consumers.


Romania are celebrating this year with school campaigns across the country, providing youngsters and teachers with information on the nutritional value of eggs, while Austria with the national egg association in Austria is planning a series of consumer education campaigns and will dispense free eggs to residents in Vienna.

Croatian egg business Hartmann is working with theatre company Oberon and the Danish Embassy to organise a three day festival for youngsters, with an egg statue awarded for the best play. And in Spain, there will be a focus on the recent Spanish Allergology Association’s research on a “Guide for Oral Immunotherapy,” to treat milk and egg allergy in children.

North America

Canadian comedian Gerry Dee will join a number of online influencers and bloggers urging people not to skip breakfast, while in the USA the American Egg Board will have an online marketing campaign “Egg Recipes from around the World” as well as running an egg-inspiring quiz.

South America

Colombia is planning activities in seven cities across the country, hosting two types of events. Firstly, they are planning party celebrations with children for their seven chosen charities and additionally journalists are being invited to breakfast celebrations in each of the cities.

Brazilian egg firms are planning a range of activities around the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with information on eggs and health and nutrition-related issues, giveaways and a special women’s event.

You can catch up on what’s happening on Friday on twitter #WorldEggDay

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