Ziggity revises poultry water management literature

07-09-2012 | | |
Ziggity revises poultry water management literature

Ziggity Systems has new 2012 Management Procedures literature available on its website.

New features include revised language and illustrations that “’better communicates how to conduct procedures critical for the best use of our watering systems,” said the manufacturer of poultry watering systems.

The management sheets covers Ziggity’s T-Max systems for adult turkeys, the Activator System for turkey poults (formerly known as “Big Z Activator”), and floor systems for broilers.

“As we actively work with growers in the field, we realized that we could make the producer’s work a little easier with some new language and illustrations that make the procedures more instantly clear and easier to remember.”

As a dedicated poultry watering systems manufacturer, Ziggity spends a good amount of time in the field testing and evaluating how well its various drinker systems work with different poultry operations.

“We are continuously assessing how our products, and the people who use them, actually work in the field,” said the company. “We are continuously trying to fine-tune our watering systems and procedures to make them simpler and more helpful to producers. These latest updates are a product of that effort. Much of the time, it’s just a tweak here or there. But we try to give our customers the best help possible.”

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