Zimbabwe: Demand for DOC grows daily

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Zimbabwe: Demand for DOC grows daily
Zimbabwe: Demand for DOC grows daily

According to the president of Zimbabwe Poultry Producers, Solomon Zawe, the demand of day-old chicks (DOC) is going up every day and the association has a production target of 100 million day-old chicks this year

Zawe believes this target is attainable as banks were also financing poultry projects. However he has urged the government to provide famers with incentives to produce more grain in order to reduce feed prices.

Over the years cheap imported chickens have flooded the market elbowing out local producers who encountered high production costs as the country experienced an economic meltdown. The re-introduction of surtax on chicken and other goods to promote local industry has, however, revived the local industry as imports declined.

The adoption of multiple foreign currencies (in 2009) has enabled the establishment of more hatcheries and breeding stocks, Zawe said. Poultry farmers produced about 54 million-day-old chicks in the first half of last year compared to 52 million produced the whole of 2011.