Zwd Sztuder chooses HatchTech for one concept

04-05-2010 | | |
Zwd Sztuder chooses HatchTech for one concept

Polish poultry company Zwd Sztuder and HatchTech from the Netherlands have agreed upon the delivery of a complete HatchTech product portfolio. VIV Europe 2010 was the podium for this major signing event.

For its hatchery operations, the company has agreed upon a complete turn key hatchery facility with HatchTech (80 mln eggs/year). The birds, hatching in this facility will be transported with HatchTech transport solution, the HatchTraveller (1 unit of 76,800 day-old chicks). Zwd Sztuder has also committed to the concept of laminar airflow with HatchBrood (3 units of 39,600 chicks).

HatchBrood is the system that controls the crucial brooding period, which results in improved technical result: more growth, improved uniformity and lower mortality.

Using HatchBrood will result in improved technical results, lower energy consumption and lower investment cost.

HatchBrood was officially launched during a festive ceremony at VIV Europe. Guest speakers were Dr. Roel Mulder, Secretary of WPSA, and Graf Leo von Drechsel of Wimex / Cobb Germany. They both emphasized the importance of innovation.

During VIV, HatchBrood units were also sold to a professional poultry producer in Peru.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist