August Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

August Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a summary of the latest business updates from the global poultry industry this August.

Hotraco Agri is launching iHotraco

Hotraco Agri is involved in poultry automation solutions to regulate, control, and monitor barn processes. “We are taking farm optimisation to a whole new level. We are committed to helping you take the first steps toward the practical use of big data for your poultry business,” said the company, launching iHotraco Farm Data, which collects and organises all farm data automatically and securely, providing a complete data set.

New book on precision livestock farming

Utilising technology as a means of monitoring, managing and improving livestock health, welfare and behaviour is the latest emerging area of research and one that is explored in a new book, Advances in precision livestock farming. This publication considers the recent developments in precision livestock technologies – spanning from wearable sensors to the use of thermal imaging techniques – and provides farmers, producers and advisers with the means necessary to optimise livestock

Cobb500 the first broiler imported to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Broiler has chosen Cobb-VantressCobb500 broiler to be the first broiler parents to be imported into the country of Kyrgyzstan. Currently, the country is about 15-20% self-sufficient in poultry meat production, with the rest of the chicken meat being imported from neighbouring countries Ukraine and Kazakhstan. With its latest investment in the Cobb500 broiler, Kyrgyz Broiler will continue its domestic growth. In recent years, the government has supported the company in becoming Kyrgyzstan’s first commercial company to start producing local chicken meat and is encouraging the company to expand.

Adisseo introduces Nestor software to formulate in Net Energy

The Net Energy system is already used in 50% of swine production and has shown satisfactory results. There is a demand to also use this system in poultry. A lot of science exists on the topic, but it has never been brought to the market yet, according to Adisseo. Compared to metabolisable energy, formulating in Net Energy enables producers to focus on providing the nutrients used for animal maintenance and growth (fat and protein deposit).

Adisseo now brings together the most recent information in recommendations and nutritional values to offer a unique platform named Nestor, which was developed to give nutritional recommendations for poultry and swine in net energy, digestible amino acids and minerals to adapt them to specific conditions (rearing period, sex, age, breed). It also gives nutritional values for raw materials in proximate, energy, total and digestible amino acids and minerals.

DSM receives FDA approval of first US mycotoxin degrading ingredient

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DSM Animal Nutrition and Health has announced the FDA approval of an enzyme, fumonisin esterase, to help pig and poultry producers manage mycotoxins in feed. According to Paige Gott, DSM mycotoxin and HyD category manager, fumonisin esterase is for the degradation of fumonisins present in feed. He noted that this is the first mycotoxin degrading ingredient to go through FDA’s Food Additive Petition process and will be the first product to be approved for degrading fumonisins in feed in the US.

DSM introduces microbiome metabolism modulator Symphiome

Royal DSM has introduced Symphiome, which it says is a precision biotic feed ingredient designed to orchestrate microbiome metabolism and optimise the bird’s resilience to enteric stress, aid in nutrient utilisation, improve welfare, and reduce emissions. SymphiomeT can be safely pelleted and withstand temperatures above 90°C.

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