Product: Improving performance as well as carcass quality

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Product: Improving performance as well as carcass quality
Product: Improving performance as well as carcass quality

In modern broiler production, carcass quality is, along with growth performance based on weight gain and feed conversion, one of the most decisive quality parameters.

Carcass quality, just like breast muscle, percentage of breast on total carcass, or carcass weight, is an economic/commercial parameter with direct contribution to the profit of the farmer and of the slaughterhouse, and is therefore of special interest to integrators.

Through eight trials, Pancosma showed that feeding Xtract to fattening chickens, compared to either a negative or a positive control (Avilamycin, Salinomycin, Bacitracin etc…), has a positive effect on the hot and cold carcass as well as on the dressing percentage. Xtract 6930 is a product exploiting nature’s potential, especially active ingredients naturally occurring in plants and spices.

These benefits are not due to a direct impact of Xtract on the muscle tissue, but most likely to an indirect action on the digestive function. Recent research gives evidence of these “Gut Effects”, which are involved in immune modulation, antioxidant status, digestibility, and metabolisable energy.

Quality parameters for further processing in the food chain, such as drip loss and meat and skin colour, were improved in these trials.

These results, combined with better zootechnical performance (growth and feed conversion) and an interesting return on investment, show that Xtract can offer a profitable broiler production.

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