Activists ‘occupy’ Noble Foods’ headquarters

19-03-2018 | |
Activists  occupy  Noble Foods  headquarter.  Photo: Humane League
Activists occupy Noble Foods headquarter. Photo: Humane League

Animal rights charity The Humane League has begun a 5-day occupation of Noble Foods’ headquarters in protest at its continuing use of eggs from colony cage systems.

It is part of a continuing campaign against the company, which is the UK’s largest egg producer behind brands such as the Happy Egg, Big and Fresh and Gu Puddings.

In recent weeks activists from the Humane League have sought to highlight what it considers an inconsistent message from the company that promotes its free-range welfare credentials while having 38% of its birds in colony production.

The charity has an active petition calling for the company to end its colony production, and has organised protests at both the company headquarters and Spyder PR, the public relations firm that represents it.

The latest demonstration is 4.3 days’ camped outside Noble’s London headquarters, which is represented of Noble’s 4.3 million colony birds.

Sending Noble Foods a message

Pru Elliott, The Humane League’s head of campaigns, said: “This occupation is about sending a message to Noble Foods: the public won’t stand for animal cruelty. It needs to stop hiding behind its flagship free-range brand The Happy Egg Co and take meaningful action for the 4.3 million hens it keeps in cruel cages.

“Thanks to pressure from the public and animal welfare organisations, the vast majority of food businesses have turned their back on cages for laying hens, committing to eradicate their use in their supply chains. In refusing to make this commitment Noble Foods is completely out of step with the wider industry and consumer wishes.”

Noble Foods was approached for comment.

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist
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