Aviagen’s Rambler Ranger accepted for use

11-10-2017 | |
Photo: Aviagen
Photo: Aviagen

A third Aviagen slower-growing broiler breed has been given the green light for use under the RSPCA Assured scheme.

The Rambler Ranger joins the Ranger Gold and Ranger Classic lines in receiving the animal welfare charity’s stamp of approval.

Aviagen said the Rambler Ranger generates a traditional broiler with exceptional robustness, competitive meat yield and excellent health and welfare characteristics. The breed is particularly well-suited to organic growers that are processing at high ages.

Poultry World reported in July that the Rambler Ranger had been approved for use under the Dutch Better Life Star certification for broilers.

Magnus Swalander, Aviagen Ltd general manager, said: “Aviagen is delighted that the list of RSPCA-approved Rowan Range breeds is growing. The RSPCA’s acceptance reflects the special care we take to continuously improve bird health and welfare in all aspects of our breeding programme.”

Sophie Elwes, RSPCA senior scientific officer, said: “The Rambler Ranger demonstrates Aviagen’s commitment to the higher welfare market, for which they should be commended. We hope that with their ever increasing portfolio of breeds with demonstrably higher welfare outcomes, there will be a wide uptake of these breeds by producers.”

The RSPCA updated its standards for broilers in July, introducing a requirement for chickens not to have to travel more than three metres anywhere in the house to reach water and bringing in new standards around the size of light openings in chicken houses, manual head only electrical stunning, gas killing and a requirement for a written wild animal control plan.

Tony Mcdougal Freelance Journalist
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