ForFarmers launches new line of broiler feeds

02-05-2018 | |
ForFarmers launches new line of broiler feeds. Photo: Mark Pasveer
ForFarmers launches new line of broiler feeds. Photo: Mark Pasveer

Feed compounder ForFarmers has launched a new range of broiler diets that it says will improve both production and profitability.

The diet, named Apollo, has been trialled across Western Europe and comprises of:

  • a prestarter,
  • starter,
  • grower and
  • 2 types of finisher rations, one of which is a premium product aimed at farmers chasing the best performance.

Tom Welham, UK marketing manager at ForFarmers, said the new range was targeted at both conventional 36-day bird programmes and those who grew birds to heavier weights, and in Europe it had been tested on slower-growing breeds.

He added the ration had been in development since last October, and trialled by farmers in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Chicks’ first 100 hours

Part of the portfolio of products is a new prestarter diet for chicks’ first 100 hours. It contains easily digestible energy and proteins, as well as a balance of phosphorus and calcium.

Keeping vaccination periods in mind

The company has also forumulated diets with key vaccination periods in mind, avoiding ration changes at the most stressful times.

Comment from ForFamers

Joost Sparla, ForFarmers marketing and technical director for poultry said: “Apollo not only demonstrates the effectiveness of solid nutrition, but also shows refining the programme and giving the bird the best start is essential for healthy growth and achieving the best results.

“Apollo Prestarter and the ForFarmers recommended diet changes is effective in reducing the birds stress and protecting the bird against disease. This not only ensures dry litter and healthy feet of the birds, but also promotes a healthy and profitable business for the broiler producer.”

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist