New red mite treatment hits market

24-10-2018 | |
New red mite treatment hits market. Photo: Bayer
New red mite treatment hits market. Photo: Bayer

A new red mite control has been launched by global pharmaceutical company Bayer.

Harmonix Poultry Red Mite is a spray-application treatment that creates a ‘sticky barrier’ that immobilises red mite and can be applied in populated sheds, as long as no eggs are present and birds are not directly sprayed. It does not rely on a chemical active ingredient, so is not registered as a biocide.

About 90% of laying flocks experience poultry red mite infestations at some point in the annual cycle, causing major issues for many producers.

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Bayer rural hygiene manager, Ken Black, said: “There are limited products on the market to treat this parasite, many of which have issues with resistance. However, this new formulation provides an alternative to help producers stop mites in their tracks, at any stage in the flock cycle.”

Harmonix Poultry Red Mite can be used as a standalone treatment, or in sequence with conventional insecticides and will be available to purchase from November 2018.

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist
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