Noble Foods launches new range of Heritage Eggs

25-04-2017 | |
Photo: Noble Foods
Photo: Noble Foods

The UK’s largest egg business, Noble Foods, has launched a premium brand of free range that focuses on breed, product quality and welfare.

Its new “heritage breeds” line will retail eggs from hens, ducks and quail kept in smaller flocks and afforded enrichments such as nesting boxes, perches and dust bathing areas.

Noble said its flocks would be a third of the size found on conventional free-range poultry farms. The website for the new line adds that birds reared for the brand are “genuinely cared for” on “hand-picked British Farms”.

The site also makes much of the birds’ breeds, explaining: “Unlike most free-range eggs which are laid by commercialised hybrid hen breeds, speciality hen eggs come from birds with proven breed credentials.

“Today this means that there is authentic breed ancestry and evidence of breed characteristics either in the hen or in the eggs. To you and me this means the eggs look better than normal free range, cook better and taste as good as it is possible for fresh British farm eggs to taste.”

Eggs are on offer from hens’ that include Copper Marans and Royal Legbar, while laying ducks are Gladys May’s. Speckled Quail also feature in the range.

Geraldine Phillips, marketing director for Noble Foods says, “Speciality is the fastest-growing segment in fresh eggs, yet approximately nine out of ten UK households remain unaware of the benefits of higher quality eggs.

“It is a common myth that an egg is just an egg when it comes to mealtimes but we believe that by educating and driving trial of Heritage Breeds, there is a huge opportunity to build category value and delight more consumers.”

Heritage Breeds will be available in Tesco and Ocado with an RRP of £2.15-£2.70/doz.

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist