Use #BuyMyTurkey to promote British this Christmas

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Use #BuyMyTurkey to promote British this Christmas
Use #BuyMyTurkey to promote British this Christmas

The NFU is coordinating a national campaign that will promote British turkey to consumers this Christmas

Throughout December the union is calling on members to post messages, photos and videos on social networks using the hashtag #BuyMyTurkey.

NFU seasonal poultry directory

Shoppers can support British farmers and choose a bird that has been reared locally. In aid of this, the NFU has created a directory for all of its members that produce seasonal birds.

NFU poultry board member and turkey farmer Mike Bailey said: “Turkey producers across the country are preparing for the busy festive period so millions of us can tuck into a traditional Christmas dinner.

“Buying your turkey directly from the farm where it has been produced not only benefits a local farming business but provides you with a great tasting bird reared to the highest standards. If you’re going to the local supermarket then look carefully at the country of origin labelling and keep an eye out for the Red Tractor logo, which also provides a guarantee of traceability, environmental protection, food safety and hygiene and welfare standards.

“We’re hoping everyone – farmers, NFU members and the public – will get involved on social media today using the hashtag #BuyMyTurkey and share messages and even make a short video of why buying a local British turkey is important. It really is a great way to Back British Farming this Christmas.”

NFU turkey finder

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