Egyptian government to protect recovering poultry industry

A joint government-private sector task force has developed a strategy to fight the spread of the Avian Flu virus and protect the poultry industry.

Appearing with executives from poultry production companies at an Avian Flu conference, Minister of Agriculture, Amin Abaza, said the Ministry will develop a database to keep track of large and small producers and organize the implementation of safety standards. Other priorities include setting up an insurance fund to protect private poulterers in case their birds are found infected, and working with the Ministry of Finance to encourage the establishment of abattoirs outside the city and banning live-bird trading.
Abaza said the government will work to ensure a smooth transition from a private-unregulated industry to a more systematic, capital-intensive one, but has been unclear about those plans.
Analysts fear the proposed shift to an automated poultry industry will be met with sharp public resistance as it is expected to put many out of work, especially in rural areas.
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