News update:Feb 16, 2007

Gold'n Plump introduces antibiotic-free line

Gold'n Plump Poultry recently launched a new line of all natural products, made from chickens raised with no antibiotics.

The line offers all of the USDA-required attributes for natural labelling, such as no added hormones, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no injected solutions. The new line is in direct response to consumer need, and aptly named Gold'n Plump All Natural Chicken.
“The meaning of all natural has eroded over time, leading to confusion and skepticism over what the term means. Our research shows consumers don't know what to expect from all natural products, and are concerned about what their family eats.
However, they know what they don't want - antibiotics, added hormones, and artificial ingredients—and what they do—good, wholesome chicken, plain and simple. This consumer insight was the driving force behind the line.” explained Tracy Miller, Senior Product Development Manager at Gold'n Plump.
This new approach to all natural isn't new for Gold'n Plump. In fact, the company has been raising chickens without antibiotics for nearly 2 years.
“Though the use of antibiotics poses no food safety threat, we know more and more consumers want meat products raised without them,” said Miller. “As a result, nearly all of our chicken products are raised without antibiotics. Only our All Natural line is being labelled as such.”

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