Women more likely to contract bird flu in Egypt

A 17-year-old Egyptian girl, identified as Nora Nadi of the city of Fayoum, about 44 miles south of Cairo, has died of bird flu. This is the country's 12th death from the avian flu strain.

Nadi was admitted to hospital a week ago, Health Ministry official Abdel Rahman Chahine said. It is not clear how Nadi contracted the virus, but other Egyptians have become ill after coming in contact with infected birds which are raised at home or while slaughtering or cleaning chicken.
In Egypt, women and girls tend to look after chickens and turkeys kept in backyards, making them more vulnerable to avian flu. Twenty people have been infected with the deadly H5N1 strain in Egypt so far. Of the 12 deaths, 11 have been women.
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