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Enzyme technology profits DDGS fed birds

Broiler producers looking for lower feed costs with DDGS can save around $9 per tonne, without loosing bird performance, according to the latest research from Danisco Animal Nutrition.

Two trials conducted by Auburn University and Purdue University, USA, showed that adding both a new generation phytase (Phyzyme® XP) together with xylanase, amylase and protease enzymes (Avizyme® 1502) to corn soy broiler diets containing 10% corn DDGS improved bodyweight gain and feed efficiency. Bodyweight gain was improved by around 5-8% and feed conversion improved by up to 11 points (6%).
In the trial conducted by Auburn University, the enzyme combination was also added to a lower cost diet reduced in energy by 80kcals/kg feed and containing 0.1% lower available phosphorus and lower calcium. At 56 days of age, broiler liveweight gain was significantly improved (8%) and feed conversion numerically improved (4 points) compared to broilers fed a standard corn soy diet containing 10% corn DDGS.
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    DDGS have digestibility and consistency variation. How we maintain the DDGS consistency to improve the feed quality?

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