Hubbard and CPGP gather customer prior to Agrena

The evening before the XIth Agrena exhibition held in Cairo during the first week of July 2009, Hubbard and Cairo Poultry Grand Parent Company (CPGP; Hubbard distributor for Egypt) gathered most of their main Hubbard customers to update them on the latest news on Groupe Grimaud and Hubbard and to share the success of the results.

The event, organised with the support of Dr. Nabil Darwish (Executive MD of CPGP), began with a speech of Dr. Nabil Darwish, which was addressed by Attallah Abouzeid (Manager of CPGP) followed by an update of Olivier Behaghel (Hubbard Business Director) on the various group activities and Claude Toudic (Hubbard Technical Services Manager) who gave a review on the breeding programme of the Hubbard Classic and the improvements that are in the pipeline and expected to be seen in the field very soon. The meeting was concluded with many interesting discussions, says Hubbard.

The Agrena exhibition was also well attended, and delivered Hubbard many new orders for the Hubbard products, says the company.

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Natalie Berkhout

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