Once Innovation introduces new LED poultry light

Once Innovation, Inc., a Minnesota-based LED lighting manufacturing company, will introduces the new AgriShift™ Poultry Light at the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta, USA.

This is the first LED-based poultry light designed with proprietary ONCE AC LED™ and color temperature shift control technologies to take advantage of major research regarding the effects of lighting schedule, intensity, and color on the behavior of broilers and layers, says the company.

“The AgriShift Poultry Light has been developed based on scientific studies which indicate that blue light increases weight in broilers by stimulating testosterone secretion and myofiber growth, while red light decreases feed consumption in layers without a reduction in egg production,” stated Zdenko Grajcar, Once Innovation CTO.

“We’ve taken a pioneering approach that uses standard dimming techniques to control light intensity and modulate light color in the same step. It’s dimmable with a very smooth transition from high intensity, wide spectrum white light, to a low intensity monochromatic blue (465 nm) or red (625 nm), depending on the model,” Grajcar continued. The company is also releasing a model that has dimming capabilities without a color shift.

The ONCE AC LED technology eliminates the need for drivers or transformers and results in power factor greater than 0.97, total harmonic distortion below 20%, a reduction in power lost as heat by 30%, and the elimination of electromagnetic interference.

“The AgriShift Poultry Light is also far more energy efficient than fluorescent, incandescent, and HID counterparts,” added Sam Schullo, VP of Sales. “That’s important to farmers when considering electricity accounts for up to 45% of their operating costs. The savings is significant enough to provide the average contract poultry producer a favorable ROI within a very reasonable period of time.”

The Agrishift AC LED Poultry Light is rated for 50,000 hours, has a substitutive equivalence of a 100W incandescent bulb, and carries a three-year 24/7 LED performance guarantee.

Natalie Berkhout

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