VDL Agrotech introduces new poultry feeder

VDL Agrotech has recently introduced the Rotra Feeder, an add on to the main feeding system used and designed to spread feed more easily.

Breeder rearing and production and layer farmers using automatic feeders frequently still spread some feed manually on the litter areas to stimulate birds activity and attract female breeders from the slatted  area to the litter area to stimulate mating. An added benefit is an improved litter quality.

When spreading the feed manually , the feed is not evenly spread and birds tend to migrate to the area where feed is first spread. This results in uneven density and too high occupancy of nests in the high density area resulting in increased risk of floor eggs.

The system also promotes better development of the birds legs in rearing houses, where the Rotra feeder is used mainly to prevent migrating of the birds when feeding starts and also is used to administer small feed portions to activate the birds on the feedless days , when skip a day feeding is applied. 

The Rotra feeder is installed evenly spread throughout the house , so feed is spread evenly throughout the house. The Rotra feeder is fixed to a feed distribution system, either straight lines auger system , or circular disc chain system. A transparent feed container is filled automatically and just before the feeding starts a buzzer sounds , to attract birds to the litter area and the rotating disc spreads the feed evenly on the litter.

For houses where slatted areas are used, the Rotra Feeder can spread the feed in an oval shape by using the restrictor guides, so no feed will be wasted through the slatted area. For rearing houses and houses without slatted area the Rotra feeder will distribute the feed in circles with a diameter of max 14 mtr.

Test results performed in the Netherlands show substantial improvement in hatchability after 40 weeks of age. Where normally hatchability decreases rapidly after the age of 40 weeks, houses where the Rotra feeder is used show a longer consistency of hatchability resulting in more chicks hatched per hen housed.

Source: VDL Agrotech

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