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Romanian co signs hatchery project, Petersime

Romanian poultry industry player Avicola Calarasi has chosen Petersime for the complete refurbishment of its broiler hatchery in Calarasi (120 km from Bucharest).

The upgraded facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art AirStreamer™ incubators featuring Synchro-Hatch™, Petersime’s latest Embryo-Response based technology for the shortest possible hatch window and maximum chick uniformity and quality. In addition, the company says that the new setters and hatchers stand to save the company up to 50% in power consumption thanks to Petersime’s eco-friendly Eco-Drive™ system.

Petersime’s in-house Project Department will also be designing, engineering and installing the complete air handling, ventilation and water cooling system.

Avicola Calarasi is a subsidiary of the Nutricom group, one of Romania’s top 3 producers in the pig, poultry and animal feed industry. It currently employs a workforce of 1,300 at its various sites in Calarasi County.

Natalie Berkhout

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