New Smart hatchery for Belgrankorm, Russia

In its most recent development, Belgorod Region's Belgankorm company has joined forces with Pas Reform to open the 4th hatchery in its diverse agribusiness portfolio.

The new hatchery, located at v.Zavidovka in Belgorod region, was designed and installed by the Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform to produce 48 mln day-old chicks per annum in 36 SmartSet™ 77 setters and 24 SmartHatch™ hatchers. The installation also includes a complete line of hatchery automation systems: egg candling, egg transfer equipment, chick handling equipment and hatchery climate control.

Belgrankorm was founded in 1998, initially as a feed mill factory. Over the next decade, the company expanded and diversified - with a focus on modern equipment and innovative technologies. Belgrankorm’s integrated poultry operations today comprise 2 GPS-hatcheries, 11 broiler growing farms, 3 slaughterhouses – and now 4 hatcheries, all overseen by a specialised poultry management department.

A closed production cycle delivers high quality products for the domestic market, marketed under the “Yasnye Zori” and “Selskie traditsii” brands.

Natalie Berkhout

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