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HatchTech introduces website on chick length analysis

HatchTech has introduced the new Chick Length website, a tool for hatcheries to easily and effectively evaluate chick quality and capture field performance potential.

Good day old chick quality is crucial to ensure the maximum return of investment throughout the poultry production chain. Day-old chick quality is influenced by breeder flock, egg handling, and incubation conditions and is directly related to field performance.

Ongoing monitoring of the quality of day-old chicks is a key step in optimising hatchery results. To optimise the incubation process, it is important to use the correct method to evaluate chick quality. Chick length is an effective and practical method to evaluate chick development. Chick length is positively related to yolk-free body mass at hatch and is an indicator of subsequent field performance. Chick length is a fast, repeatable, and non-destructive method to evaluate chick quality. Chick length measurement and evaluation is an objective method to optimize the entire incubation process.

The HatchTech Chick Length website is a comprehensive guide to chick length measurement and analysis. It explains how to measure chick length and evaluate data. The website also gives helpful advice on how chick length can be improved.

Furthermore, all the necessary forms and the special HatchTech Chick Length analysis programme can be downloaded and the special Chick Length Ruler can be ordered free of charge.

The website guides you through the process of using chick length to effectively evaluate chick quality and capture field performance potential.

The website is available in English, Russia, Spanish and Portuguese.



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    Body measurement parameters are medium-highly heritable and of more importance in broiler than layer type chicks. Measurement of chick length is more apt in layer chicks to promote agility in fields (free range).These measurements are preferably taken at young/juvenile ages (including shank length etc),while it must be noted since handling d.o.c. for measurement is an added strain besides handling for vaccination, sexing etc. Since body weight measurements are generally linearly correlated, they can as well be obtained at later young ages.

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    anyone can share the details regarding layer chick-length and performance details which might be useful
    thank you

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