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Animal nutrition conference heading to Singapore in 2012

The World Nutrition Forum, an established event on the animal nutrition industry's calendar hosted by Biomin, is now at its 5th edition and heads for the first time out of Europe, taking place from October 10th to 13th 2012 in Singapore.

The move to Asia signals the importance of this fast growing market, Singapore, the country where “East meets West”, being the ideal location for such a truly international event. 

The congress will be attended by more than 700 industry representatives and opinion leaders from all over the world, opening the floor to challenging discussions on and around “NutriEconomics: Balancing Global Nutrition & Productivity”.

Presentations and lectures from leading experts, animal specific workshops where science meets industry and discussions about the challenges of our industry with international professionals and colleagues will provide food-for-thought when thinking about solutions for the future.

“NutriEconomics brings together the concepts of nutrition and life sciences with business and profit as well as with food safety, the environment and ecology – for a sustainable future in animal production” says Dr. Eva Maria Binder – head of the WNF scientific committee.

The event follows the “by invitation only” approach, thereby providing a high-level platform for a multinational meeting with guests from all over the globe.

Source: World Nutrition Forum

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    Raghavan V.Dr

    This is an exciting news that Biomin is planning to have its World Nutrition Forum in Singapore in October here in Singapore.This will give people in these region to attend the world renowned forum,Moreover to day the Asia Pacific region is postulated to be growth triangle as far as poultry meat and egg production are concerned.Again the production methods and management and use of feed additives are changing with more and more producers adopting to
    not using antibiotic growth promoters, but looking into more and more natural products.Of immense importance in these region is gut health of birds for the first ten days of chicks life to give a good start a better uniformity and more number of birds to sell at the end of the day,Again toxin binders are of unique importance in these region and the damage it causes to the industry is immense and it goes unnoticed.The organisnation of the world conference is timely in these region and I am sure those who are attending will gain a lot.

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