EFSA scientific opinion on Bactocell in drinking water for poultry

FEEDAP, the EFSA's panel on additives and products or substances used in Animal Feed, has delivered a positive scientific opinion on the addition of the feed additive Bactocell to drinking water for layers and broilers.

Bactocell, feed additive produced by Lallemand, is based on a strain of Pediococcus acidlactici. The additive is already authorised for use in complete diets for a range of animals, including laying hens and broilers. The European Commission has asked FEEDAP to rate the additives use in drinking water.

The panel has concluded in their SO (scientific opinion) that the recommended drinking water dose presented is equivalent to the dose in the complete diet, essentially providing the same level of exposure of the feed additive to the animal.

Consequently, the conclusions on safety and efficacy of the additive when used in feed stuffs also apply to its use in water for drinking for broilers and layers.

For more information go to EFSA SO

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